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Who is Shoogee?

Why Us?

Shoogee is an innovative startup founded in 2011 with its headquarter in the center of Muenster. The company has two major fields: Virtual Reality (VR) and Enterprise IT Services for Banking and Insurance. In the field of VR, it deals with tasks around Durovis Dive, the first mobile VR device. Further developments in the software and the hardware area as well as the worldwide distribution provide exciting challenges.

We are hiring

Shoogee is always looking for open-minded, eager to learn and flexible team players interested in continuously expanding their knowledge and who are interested in becoming part of this growing company.


We help shape the future of companies, achieve goals and implement desired changes. Our aim is to make your business processes simpler and more efficient.

Our team

Arne Voigtländer
  • Arne Voigtländer


    Arne holds a degree in Cognitive Science with a focus on image processing and neural networks. He has worked in enterprise networking consulting for over 10 years before joining the team to bring his experience in designing, evaluating and optimizing large-scale computer-based workflows.

Sascha Schwellenbach
  • Sascha Schwellenbach


    Sascha has a degree in business administration before becoming a member of the team. With a strong background in supply chain management, he brings his knowledge into a heterogeneous environment, as arised by a global supply chain.

Christian Müller
  • Christian Müller


    Christian also graduated in Cognitive Science and has gained extensive experience in surface design and image processing.

    After years as a freelancer, he joined the team to develop new intuitive interface designs with a focus to overcome emerging cultural and language hurdles.

Mike Gerber
  • Mike Gerber


    After nearly 20 years of experience in IT consulting, mainly in the insurance and banking sectors, Mike joined the team to bring in his extensive capabilities.

    His experience in the industry enables him to implement scalable infrastructures in both sales and IT that grow with the business.

Christoph Berling
  • Christoph Berling

    Software Development

    Christoph has completed a degree in physics with a focus on nonlinear dynamics. In our team, he deals with big data analysis and the development of simulations for optimization tasks.

Torben Bülter
  • Torben Bülter

    Software Development

    Already during his studies, Torben has been working on black box optimization. He now applies his acquired knowledge in rapid prototyping and the exploration of new technologies. The Durovis Dive has led him into our team, on whose development he is now actively involved.

Karl Diekmann
  • Karl Diekmann

    Software Development

    Karl studied media computer science with a focus on computer graphics. Through his acquired knowledge in computer graphics and application development, he supports the team in the new and further development of our virtual reality products.

Milan Götz
  • Milan Götz

    Software Development

    After completing his training as a data processing assistant and game designer, Milan studied computer science with a focus on digital media and games. In our team, he is currently involved in the development of big data analysis tools for our customers.

Jana Heckers
  • Jana Heckers

    Digital Media Development

    Jana has a degree in digital media and has acquired extensive skills during her studies in design, media design, social media and web design.

    She brings a lot of creativity and original ideas into the design of our media and fits seamlessly into the team.

Birgit Hett
  • Birgit Hett


    In addition to studying business administration, Birgit has many years of professional experience in auditing and banking.

    For Shoogee she processes all financial transactions and systematizes them and processes them into informative balance sheets.

Andrea Kampsen
  • Andrea Kampsen

    Software Development

    Andrea studied computer science with the subjects robotics and automation as well as software systems engineering. She deals with big data and the management of password objects. She also works at the backend of the shop system and our websites.

Jan-Niklaas Koch
  • Jan-Niklaas Koch

    Software Development

    Jan-Niklaas has a degree in computer visualistics and design. With his skills and knowledge of virtual worlds and entertainment media, he supports the team in software development.

Patrick Kowalik
  • Patrick Kowalik

    Software Development

    Patrick holds a degree in applied computer science. He brings his theoretical and practical knowledge profitably into the team.

Florian König
  • Dr. Florian König

    Software Development

    Florian is a theoretical physicist who has written his diploma thesis on statistical field theory and his dissertation on high-energy particle physics and thus brings knowledge of mathematical modeling, in particular of Monte Carlo methods. He also has many years of experience as a Linux system administrator. He is currently completing the team in the fields of machine data and optical simulation.

Wei Liang-Dompert
  • Wei Liang-Dompert

    Supply Chain Management

    In addition to studying room planning, Wei gained a variety of intercultural management skills. In terms of successful supply chain management, she supports Shoogee in the organization, support and selection of suppliers. Her understanding of Far Eastern cultures and behaviors is always of great benefit.

Michael Loster
  • Michael Loster

    Software Development

    Michael has a degree in information technology with a focus on systems engineering. He contributes his experience in embedded systems to the further development of our hardware products. He also works in application development for our team.

Hauke Müller
  • Hauke Müller

    Software Development

    Hauke has studied computer science with the subject electrical engineering. From his master's degree he has gained knowledge in computer vision. He also supports the team in web and application development.

Markus Nüßing
  • Markus Nüßing

    Software Development

    Markus completed a dual degree program in applied computer science. With his acquired knowledge and skills in the field of enterprise software, he supports the team in web and application development.

Elisabeth Oertel
  • Elisabeth Oertel

    Software Development

    Elisabeth has completed a degree in mechanical engineering. She uses her knowledge of cybernetics and automation engineering to improve our virtual reality products. She also supports our team in the design of prototypes and in 3D printing.

Nils Reuße
  • Nils Reuße

    Software Development

    Nils studied bioinformatics and works on big data and the creation of intuitive user interfaces. He also works in web and application development for Shoogee.

Wei Shi
  • Wei Shi

    Supply Chain Management

    Wei completed a degree in Far Eastern cultures and subsequently gained experience as a business analyst and project manager. Her Understanding of Far Eastern culture in combination with her business experience makes her a valuable team memebr at Shoogee.

Danny Stumpe
  • Danny Stumpe

    Software Development

    Danny studied mathematics with a focus on applied analysis and computer science and deals with password management of large user systems. He also supports our team by analyzing and automating workflows.

Thomas Wiesemann
  • Thomas Wiesemann

    Software Development

    After completing his training as a systems engineer, Thomas completed a degree in media informatics. He supports the team in application development and uses his acquired knowledge by creating intuitive user interfaces and evolving our Virtual Reality products.