• General

    In the Enterprise Software area we deal with the conception, development and distribution of software products for major customers. Mostly they are products that are applied in very large environments.

    Here are some of our applications that are available for licensing.

    For licensing questions, please contact us.

    Our Philosophy

    • Little dependencies on frameworks
    • Easy connection of data sources
    • Easy integration of outputs into other systems (e.g. SIEM)
    • Robust error handling (e.g. built-in watchdog)
    • Development mostly in C++
  • Network Compliance Engine (NCE)

    Shoogee's Network Compliance Engine (NCE) is a tool to match complex, heterogeneous networks with a multitude of firewalls and routers to the realities actually present in the network.
    For this purpose we have developed a calculation core written in C++, that can answer queries extremely fast.
    A network simulation mode allows hypothetical connections to be checked for compliance.

    For licensing questions, please contact us.

  • WiZ Security Suite

    The Wiz Security Suite is a software package for monitoring user activity in terminal server environments.

    For licensing questions, please contact us.

    Network Access

    Monitor all incoming and outgoing network connections within Windows Temserver sessions. In addition to the standard data of a connection, such as protocol, port information and application, it also collects information about the terminal server session and its source connection, for both Remote Desktop and Citrix sessions.

    This means that for forensic analyses it is possible to track which users have accessed which network resources via which systems.


    The Windows clipboard enables unwanted data transfers between different security zones in Windows Terminal Server environments, posing a potential security risk. However, disabling the clipboard of remote sessions prevents productive work.

    Our logging tools will help you close this vulnerability. In addition to the contents of the clipboard, session and user information of the remote and the source session are also being recorded.