• Mass Customization

    Shoogee offers mass customization tailored specifically to the needs of our customers. Several years of experience and good networking with various producers in combination with modern information and communication technology guarantee high-quality products at fair prices.
    We help our customers to enter the mass market and respond quickly to the needs of their customers. Shoogee goal is to offer products to customers from a variety of disciplines, and aims to make it as easy as possible to use intuitive configuration tools to help customers unlock their market. Initial barriers such as high investments at the beginning and initial costs or the cost for consulting specialists in the planning phase are largely reduced due to our offer and the close collaboration with the customer.

    Our competences

    • Professional consulting
    • Detailed control of production
    • Low prices
    • Quick and dynamic execution
    • IT-Assistance

    Your advantages

    • Customized products
    • Low costs
    • Transparency
    • Individual attention
    • Lower risk
  • Premium business cards

    Under the name Prägerei.de Shoogee offers you the possibility to print individualized business cards.The special feature here is the finishing. You make a design according to your wishes and we help you to give your business card that certain something by choosing one or more of our finishes. The product range includes embossing, foil applicationm UV varnishing and raised ink. Even rounded corners, square shapes and folded business cards are no problem.

    Give your business partner a business card that is worth more than a glance.

    • Prägung
    • UV-Spotlack
    • Heißfolienprägung
    • Thermoreliefdruck
  • Virtual reality as a marketing tool

    Virtual reality opens up new possibilities in many areas, including your product marketing. This provides companies an innovative opportunity to stage brands in a targeted manner and so that the user will be send on an eventful customer journey. First introduced in 2014, the Cardboard VR, a virtual reality headset out of cardboard material, is now being used as a marketing and branding tool in a variety of industries.Use the Cardboard as a classic giveaway at fairs and events and leave a special impression at your target group. Combine it with an individual app for virtual product and company presentations. The possibiliteis are diverse.

    • Cardboard
    • Custom Cardboard
    • Cardboard

    Custom-branded Cardboards

    With the production of your custom printed cardboard, Shoogee makes it easy for you and your brand to get into virtual reality. As a reliable partner who has been active in the VR world since 2012, we can support you in your marketing campaign with individually printed cardboards. Create a unique cardboard with your corporate design or the design of your project.

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    If you already have a cardboard manufacturer or produce cardboards yourself, you may be interested in our optical lenses.
    Our Durovis Essentials product line offers premium quality lenses that make Virtual Reality an experience.