• Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality is one of the most sought-after technologies in recent years. Our goal is to make the possibilities of virtual reality accessible to everyone. Durovis Dive is the worlds first mobile VR headset and a revolutionary easy way to immerse yourself in virtual worlds. All you need to experience immersive virtual reality is a smartphone or tablet that has a gyroscope and an accelerometer.
    Visit our website www.durovis.com and experience our VR solutions.

    • Dive 5
    • Dive 7
    • Cardboard 6
  • Virtual Reality Headsets

    Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality headset and dive into virtual worlds.
    All you need is a Durovis Dive and a fitting smartphone or tablet. Experience games and videos completely wireless. Made from high quality flexible nylon plastic, it is lightweight and comfortable. Our Durovis Essentials lenses provide a clear image and ensure due to their adjustability a highly authentic and enjoyable VR experience.The unique Durovis Dive Tracking Technology offers brilliant low-latency quality and a fully immersive experience.   

    Durovis Dive 5

    The Durovis Dive 5 is the original hands-free smartphone holder that allows you to get immersed into virtual reality. Made from high quality flexible nylon plastic, it is lightweight and comfortable. It's a bargain because you already have the expensive part of the system in your pocket – your mobile phone. Using a smartphone makes the dive easy to use and allows you to wirelessly play games or stream movies. The unique Durovis Dive Tracking Technology offers brilliant low-latency quality and a fully immersive experience. Durovis Dive 5 now ships with the Magnet Upgrade Kit. 

    Dive 5

    Durovis Dive 7

    The Durovis Dive 7 is the world first Dive-style tablet that has been particularly developed for Project Tango Tablet Development Kit. We want to encourage developers to utilize the advantages of the depth and motion tracking sensors in the Tango and create VR apps with mobile positional tracking. 

    Dive 7

    Dive Cardboard 6

    This version of our Cardboard supports a wide range of smartphones up to 6 inch max. The magnet button has been replaced by a new button that works with conductive material. Every press of the new button is like a touch on the smartphone display which is similar to the use of the Magnet button. There is still full Cardboard App compatibility. 

    Cardboard 6

    Dive Cardboard 5

    This version of our Cardboard supports smartphones up to 5 inch max. Dive Cardboard 5 contains the original Cardboard lenses and a magnet trigger yielding full support for Google Cardboard. 

    Cardboard 5
  • Durovis Essentials Linsen

    Durovis Essentials - proven quality for your VR projects. Do you want to create your own customized Cardboard or OpenDive and need lenses? Durovis Essentials is our contribution to a thriving marketplace of VR viewers. All of our lenses, including the original 25mm OpenDive lens which is used in Cardboard G1, can be purchased in bulk quantities. You can rest assured about the lens quality as well as timely delivery and completely focus on your VR viewer or Cardboard design.Having shipped millions of VR lenses, we are confident that we are able to assist you with your lens needs, no matter how large.
    Please contact us at lenses@durovis.com for large-scale inquiries.

    Durovis Essentials 25 mm

    The original 25mm OpenDive lenses have already been used for the first Cardboard generation and stand out due to their consistently excellent quality.If you are more a DIY person and have access to a 3D printer check out our OpenDive project.

    Linsen 25 mm

    Durovis Essentials 34 mm

    The 34mm Durovis Essentials lenses out of PMMA, that has been developed especially for the 2nd Cardboard generation, create a very sharp and clear image and deliver a spectacular VR experience.The special feature are the three locator tabs on the edge that help to fix the position in the Cardboard.

    Linsen 34 mm

    Durovis Essentials 32 mm

    Do you want to use the reliable Durovis Dive 5 lenses for your Cardboard project? Try the 32mm lenses if you want to create something different. The premium quality has proven itself since 2014.

    Linsen 32 mm

    Durovis Essentials 37 mm

    These lenses are high class premium lenses that are also suitable for the new Cardboard Generation. With a few adjustments in the Cardboard design it is possible to place these lenses in your Cardboard. Check out our premium lenses to benefit from these wide, sharp and clear lenses.

    Linsen 37 mm